Project Feasibility

According to the needs of customers, sales determine the LOGO, appearance, technical requirements, functions, packaging methods, payment methods, delivery times, logistics methods, and batches of the products. Categories that can be modified (LOGO, adapter standard, USB, voltage output, body color, packaging method, battery capacity)

Evaluation department: E-commerce department, R&D department,
sales department, supply department, production department, general production scheduling

zhejiang haohan oem china 11 Zhejiang Haohan
zhejiang haohan oem china 7 Zhejiang Haohan

Proof according to customer requirements

zhejiang haohan oem china 8 Zhejiang Haohan

Customer sample confirmation and modification

zhejiang haohan oem china 9 Zhejiang Haohan

The e-commerce department signs a contract

zhejiang haohan oem china 6 Zhejiang Haohan

The sales department issues

zhejiang haohan oem china 14 Zhejiang Haohan

The production and supply departments prepare materials

zhejiang haohan oem china 5 Zhejiang Haohan

Confirmation of large samples before production goes online

zhejiang haohan oem china 10 Zhejiang Haohan

Notify the customer to inspect the goods after the production is completed

zhejiang haohan oem china 13 Zhejiang Haohan

Passed inspection and ready to ship


Basic Preparation

Customer return visit  zhejiang haohan oem china 1 Zhejiang Haohan

File creation  zhejiang haohan oem china 2 Zhejiang Haohan

Financial order evaluation  zhejiang haohan oem china 3 Zhejiang Haohan

Feedback of quality information  zhejiang haohan oem china 4 Zhejiang Haohan

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