Do you ever really know anything about hair clippers? It is a common belief that haircuts, and nothing else works on a daily basis, but in fact, haircuts can also remove leg hair, beards, etc.

We want to buy the best hair clipper, we have to learn from the hair clipper material, function and other aspects. Why brand hairdresser price is high, ordinary hairdresser price is cheap, what is the difference between brand and non-brand, mastering the basics of hairdresser, you can tell what kind of electric hairdresser best.

1, clippers blade material

Now the barber blade material used in the main five kinds: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium alloy, Ceramic, Titanium Alloy.

Different materials, the price is different, the effect is different, especially on the durability, maintenance difference is relatively large.

High-quality blade material price is high. Blade cheap material hairdresser price is also cheap, daily maintenance, use time is also short, haircut process experience is also very bad, need to change often.

2, waterproof

High-quality hair clippers can be washed, so whether washable is also very important. This is very important to the hairdresser sealing, affecting the quality of the machine inside.


Hair clippers use different scenarios, different power requirements, such as: outdoor use of batteries, or wireless, rechargeable, wired power.

Most cases, the built-in battery charging, the use of wireless convenience.

4、Maximum running time

Time is important. For example: wireless style, charge once, the length of use affects the customer haircut experience. If the wired style, this does not affect the time.

Mainly according to their own use of the scene, personal wireless convenience, if the barber store, wireless or wired haircutter can be.

5、Charging plug type

Different countries, the plug type is different, especially online shopping, if you buy from Amazon, pay attention to the plug type.

OK, through these points, as the average consumer to buy hair straighteners need to learn, this is only for hair straighteners, if you also want after-sales service, different business services are not the same, for example: warranty service time, which also affects the shopping experience.

Whether you are buying or customizing a hair straightener, you need to learn the basics of hair straighteners. This is how you can buy the barber you want.

With 25 years of china supplier, the quality of the customer’s custom hair straightener mainly depends on the requirements of the brand side, good material and good quality.

Brand electric hair clipper price is high, good quality service.

If you want to be in the hair clipper industry and sell your own brand of hair clippers, you can find us for customization and a complete package.

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