What are the effects of laser hair removal on the baby when pregnant

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Epilator

Laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy. Laser hair removal can have a significant impact on the fetus and may lead to symptoms such as stunting or neurological deformities in the baby.

When laser is done, in most cases local anaesthesia is used and the anaesthetic drug penetrates deep into the bloodstream and is absorbed by the foetus through the blood circulation, thus affecting normal development. Laser is a common clinical physiotherapy treatment, which contains a certain amount of radiation, and laser hair removal has a course of treatment; when pregnant women are exposed to laser surgery several times, it can increase the chance of miscarriage or malformation of the foetus, which is not conducive to healthy foetal development. To be on the safe side it is best to avoid hair removal during pregnancy if you have not had hair removal before. It is advisable to have laser hair removal treatment after the pregnancy is over and after breastfeeding.

If you must remove hair during pregnancy, you can do it in a safer way. For example, a special razor can be used to remove hair, and there are also hair removal creams available for localised hair removal, which do not remove body hair in one go, but are safer and more reliable than laser hair removal.

After laser hair removal, there will be slight local redness, mild pain or itchiness, remember to take a hot shower or hand scratch, which may aggravate the reaction and cause increased local inflammation and infection, do not scratch the local area, it will be relieved after a day.

Can you use hair removal creams during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should not normally use hair removal creams as they may have health effects and may also affect the normal development of the foetus.

Hair removal creams are chemical agents that can be applied to hairy areas to dissolve the hair structure, thus removing the hair. However, hair removal creams can be irritating and pregnant women are a special group of people whose bodies are sensitive during pregnancy, so if they use hair removal creams, they may cause skin irritation, resulting in redness, swelling, pain and possibly allergic reactions, which are detrimental to the health of the foetus.

If a pregnant woman has a lot of sweat hair, laser hair removal can be used to remove it after delivery.

Can I exfoliate after laser hair removal?

It is not possible to exfoliate after laser hair removal, you need to wait until you have fully recovered. Laser hair removal can irritate the skin during the treatment, resulting in slight redness and skin sensitivity, so it is best not to exfoliate, as this may have an impact on recovery and should only be done after full recovery. Exfoliation can be done with an exfoliating cleanser to remove the skin’s aged stratum corneum.

Can I shave after laser hair removal?

The best thing to do after laser hair removal is not to shave first, as it can easily cause folliculitis and cellulitis.

The actual laser is a great way to get rid of hair, mainly with 800 or 810 nm semiconductor laser, the hair follicle is the growth centre of hair, which has a lot of melanin, laser irradiation can be through the skin directly detonate the pigment within the hair follicle, to achieve the purpose of destroying the function of the hair follicle, in order to remove hair, the laser only on the hair follicle melanin effect, and sweat glands within the melanin, so will not be damaged. There is no melanin in the sweat glands and therefore no damage to the skin and there is no need to worry about other physiological functions of the skin. The beard is one of the shorter hairs in the body. The skin becomes sensitive and fragile when the laser destroys the hair follicles, which can lead to folliculitis and cellulitis, so it is not recommended to shave.

The hair growth cycle and depth of the area varies from area to area and the number of treatments may vary. It is always advisable to follow the doctor’s advice after the procedure.




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