How to choose a hair removal & Epilator device for beginners

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Buying a hair removal device for the first time can be confusing. There are so many products with mixed reviews. They differ in price, quality and user experience. Some are more painful than others, which can be hard to handle. To find the best hair removal device for your home, you need to know the basics of how they work and what features they offer. Then you can compare the options and pick one that meets your needs and preferences.

The first time you buy a hair removal device, you have no experience and don’t know which one is good. There are many good and bad reviews of the products. The price, quality and user experience vary greatly, especially for users who are afraid of pain, it is more difficult to choose. To buy the best home hair removal device, we need to understand what kinds of hair removal devices are available on the market, such as style, function, price, etc., learn basic hair removal device knowledge, and buy a product that satisfies ourselves.

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Price of hair removal device:

Price is the first concern of everyone, and the budget determines the purchasing power. Refer to the shopping platform user purchase price range ratio statistics:
Price: Min ~ 4.19 USD, Chosen by 9% of users bought products in this price range.
Price: 4.19 ~ 8.97 USD, Chosen by 37% of users bought products in this price range.
Price: 8.97 ~ 35.64 USD, Chosen by 31% of users bought products in this price range.
Price: 35.64 ~ 92.51 USD, Chosen by 17% of users bought products in this price range.
Price: 92.51 ~ Max USD, Chosen by 6% of users bought products in this price range.

The statistical data comes from a third-party shopping platform. According to the data, there are 9% of users below 4.19 USD and 6% of users above 92.51 USD, which is not a high proportion. Most users choose between 4.19 ~ 35.64 USD, accounting for 68%.

You can refer to the price range to choose a suitable hair removal device for yourself. The products that users buy more generally do not have too many quality problems.

Style of hair removal device:

The price difference is large and the style and function of the hair removal device are different. Understand the differences between different styles of hair removal devices.

Power supply:

In terms of power supply, there are manual and electric ones. The manual ones are the cheapest and most common, but the experience gap with the electric ones is large, but the price is cheap and the requirements are not high, so choosing manual hair removal is also good.

If you want to experience a more comfortable operation, an electric hair remover is a good choice. The electric ones are divided into battery-powered and rechargeable ones. Choose a power supply method that suits your own conditions. Nowadays, hair removal devices are very convenient to charge, with USB charging, home, travel and other charging are very convenient.

The power supply method is also part of our consideration and will affect the price. Choose the one that suits you.


The cheapest manual operation blade hair removal in the hair removal method, this method must be very skilled, otherwise it is not safe. Now popular rechargeable hair removal device, the operation is also relatively safe, mainly popular: electric hair removal device and laser hair removal device.

The electric hair removal device uses electric power to pull the hair out of the skin, and the laser hair removal device uses laser to irradiate the hair, destroying the hair follicle to achieve the effect of hair removal. The two hair removal methods are different, and the most important thing is that the hair removal experience is different.

The electric hair removal device will have some pain during the experience process, especially for the first time. It will be fine after getting used to it, especially during the hair removal process, it has no effect on the skin and does not produce negative effects.

Laser hair removal devices are more popular now. Compared with electric hair removal devices that pull out skin hair, they have less pain, but they still have pain. The pain during the hair removal process is really unbearable for some users. Laser hair removal devices are very popular. However, laser hair removal devices are also more harmful to the skin, such as: redness, blistering, infection, allergy, etc. Because of destroying the hair follicle to achieve the effect of hair removal, avoid direct sunlight after using laser hair removal device, use less skin-related products, etc., so many people are not suitable for this kind of hair removal method. There are many comments on laser hair removal devices, you can take a look.

As a company with 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hair removal products, we have conducted in-depth research on various types of hair removal methods. Although we also have various types of hair removal products, we recommend using electric hair removal devices, which have minimal damage to the skin. Through a large amount of data statistics, users try various types of hair removal products and finally choose electric hair removal devices the most.

Everyone wants permanent hair removal when buying a hair remover, but permanent hair removal is not possible at present. Laser hair removers are not possible either. Although many people recommend laser hair removers for permanent hair removal, it is not possible in fact. The normal situation of human body’s hair in every place is impossible to permanently remove. Only when it is damaged and affects normal skin may it be permanently removed. This is a very bad thing.
For example monks, although we usually see monks shaving their heads, they are not permanent either. Monks also shave their heads regularly to keep their heads bald. Therefore, using a hair remover is also regular depilation. The current depilator can be used once and can last for 4-6 weeks.

No matter what kind of depilation method you use, you can only depilate effectively if you stick to it regularly.


The most important thing to buy a service depilator is functionality. Whether the depilation is clean or not, the use part, operability, whether there is pain in the experience process or not are all related to function. Single-function depilators are simple and can only depilate or depilate specific areas, while multi-function depilators are suitable for depilating all areas of the body.

For example: arms, legs, armpits, bikinis and facial depilation are different. Choosing the wrong depilator will make the pain sensation different during use.

As consumers, they must not understand the working principle of depilators, such as blade head number, material quality and speed adjustment of depilation. These are all professional knowledge.

When buying a depilator, you can refer to whether it is multifunctional or not. Generally speaking, it also meets your needs and can be used in all areas of your body. If you are willing to buy different depilators for your face and body separately, your experience will definitely be different.


The depilator contacts with skin and hygiene should also be paid attention to. It is recommended to buy detachable and washable depilators. Regular depilators can be washed all over and are waterproof.

The blade material used by washable depilators is relatively high quality and not easy to cause skin allergies. This is also a lot of feedback from comments that after using a depilator skin appears allergic abnormalities which do have something to do with a depilator. Cheap depilators are not very good in quality and material and can only be used but cause pain during use trigger skin allergies and other problems so you must buy qualified depilators.
In summary beginners should compare different product reviews and prices in order to select suitable depilators. Their own tolerance for pain and damage to skin are also important points to consider. There are many ways of depilation besides electric ones such as tweezers razors honey wax depilation cream spray etc which are cheaper but each way has different effects and processes and pain sensations.


To select a suitable hair remover for yourself, you need to understand and compare different hair remover products and hair removal methods. There is no best hair remover, only the most suitable one.