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Men’s electric razor stubble doesn’t shave cleanly

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Men’s electric razor stubble doesn’t shave cleanly

Using an electric razor can leave stubble, depending on several reasons:

Head type and sharpness: different types of electric shavers have different head designs and sharpness. Rotary shavers usually have multiple rotating blades, while reciprocating shavers use blades that move in a straight line. If the blades are not sharp enough or the design is not advanced enough, it may result in stubble not being fully shaved.

Beard density and hardness: The density and hardness of an individual’s beard can also affect the effectiveness of an electric shaver. For people with thick and hard beards, a more powerful razor may be needed to fully shave the stubble.

Use Technique: Proper use technique is also critical when using an electric shaver. For example, keep the razor perpendicular to the skin, make sure the blade makes full contact with the beard, and don’t overshave the same area.

Skin type and sensitivity: Skin type and sensitivity can also affect the effectiveness of an electric shaver. For those with sensitive skin, it may be necessary to choose a gentler razor and apply a lubricating product such as shaving foam before use.

Whether or not an electric shaver will leave stubble is therefore a relative matter. For most people, using a high-quality electric razor and the right technique will provide an effective shave, but may leave some shorter stubble. If a more thorough shave is required, consider using a manual razor.

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