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How to choose a professional vintage t9 hair clippers

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How to choose a professional vintage t9 hair clippers

Do you know about vintage t9 hair clippers? Many of our customers are not clear about the basics of barber when they buy a barber, which leads to the vintage t9 barber that they buy home is very bad to use. Most consumers go through Google search, youtube, shopping platforms, Amazon, and Sizzler reviews to know whether a product is good or bad, which makes it hard to buy a quality and good working vintage t9 hair clippers.

Learn about hair clippers with some simple learning.

Price and cost of vintage t9 hair clippers

Price is the most important concern for consumers to buy hair clippers. But through the Google, Amazon, Sizzler platform search found that the price difference between the hair clippers is very far, different styles have different prices, but suspiciously the same style of hair clippers price difference is also very big, this is why.

The main reason is that the cost of the materials used in the hair clippers is not the same. Although the appearance is the same, the style is the same, but the material used is not the same, the price difference is big. In the use of experience is completely different, vintage t9 hair clippers are very popular on the market, resulting in the emergence of a number of imitations and the original vintage t9 hair clippers experience is completely different.

When we choose to buy vintage t9 hair clippers and find that the same style, the price difference is a lot, pay attention to the cheaper style of what materials are used.

Difference in materials used in vintage t9 hair clippers

If you want to buy a high quality and professional vintage t9 hair clippers, it is necessary to simply understand what are the important materials of the hair clippers and what are the materials that affect the experience of using them.

Blade material

The blade is the most important part of the barber, a good quality blade is sharp, does not hurt the skin and is long lasting. There are several common blade materials, we found through Google or Amazon search that most of the cheap hair clippers use stainless steel blades, this material is the most common, wear-resistant, drop-resistant, the main price is very cheap, the hair clippers use a few times is not good to use, the blades are not sharp, and the noise is also big.

High-quality blade material is not the same, you can choose: carbon steel blade, ceramic blade, these two kinds of blade high hardness, high abrasion resistance, oxidation-resistant advantages, barber for a long time to use the state is good. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the cost of the blade rises, and the price of the barber becomes higher.


Because the battery is inside the body of the hair dresser, we can not see, so the battery on the difference is also very big, high-quality batteries, charging a long time to use a long time, charging more often without affecting the use of frequent hair dressers. Poorer quality batteries use time or charging times affect the use of the hairdresser, you may use a few times, stored for a few months, the battery is damaged.
The battery of the barber is an important part of the barber even though we can’t see it.

Other materials and features

Blades and batteries are important, compared to others that are not so important, such as: body materials, motors, waterproofing, LCD displays, and other materials or features, although these can also make a difference and affect the overall price of the hair clippers. Using a plastic vs. aluminum alloy body, the feel is different, and there are various functional differences depending on individual needs.

Primarily we understand the most important parts of a hair clipper, which helps a lot when choosing a hair clipper. We understand the attributes of the product by our own needs, you want to choose: blade sharpness, long battery life, low noise, waterproof, wireless, speed control, with LED display and other requirements can find the right product for your price range.

Professional, high-quality barber price will be more expensive, the cost of materials used is higher. For example: barbershops use barbers are professional, every day for a long time to use the state is very good. The price of the home barber that we consumers buy is completely different from the commercial barber used in barbershops.

As a professional hairdresser manufacturer with 25 years of experience, we have encountered a very large number of customers with various needs and different quality requirements for hairdressers, and the price difference is very big. We offer a wide range of mid to high end quality hair clippers, and through today’s sharing, we are able to let you know about electric hair clippers and how to choose a hair clipper.

By sharing we hope you will buy a quality vintage t9 hair clippers.

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