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Body hair removal is common for women, and body hair is normal for humans. Everyone wants to have smooth skin, especially the hair on the underarms , legs, hands and other parts affects the appearance of wearing, so now there are various hair removal techniques and equipment, and different people’s physiques have different ways to choose hair removal.

Common hair removal methods: shaving, waxing, hair removal cream, epilator, laser hair removal, etc. You can also choose home hair removal, hospitals, beauty salons, etc. The operating equipment and prices are different. Therefore, it is very important to choose which hair removal method is suitable for you.

When we choose to buy or use hair removal products for the first time, we have many questions in mind, such as: Is hair removal painful? How often do you shed hair? Is Hair Removal Dangerous? Can hair be removed permanently? Which hair removal is better? Wait, a lot of Ning asked.

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We have 25 years of manufacturing and research and development experience, answering your questions from hair removal technology equipment:

Hair removal options:

Where to go for hair removal?

There are many places that provide hair removal. You can think of it: hospitals and beauty salons. These two places are the safest and most professional for hair removal. However, going to hospitals and beauty salons takes a lot of time and is expensive.

Another kind of hair removal at home is very popular. Buying hair removal equipment and removing hair at home is convenient and cheap, but we have to be proficient in operating hair removal equipment.

When we choose where to get hair removal, if it is a hospital or a beauty salon, listen to the professionals. If you choose to remove hair at home, where to start to choose the method of hair removal.

Hair removal options:

Blade shaving: This method of operation is very simple, using the blade to shave the surface hair, very fast, one minute to solve hair removal, very good way for anxious users. But this method cannot last for a long time. Like a man shaving, it will grow out in a few days, and the regrown hair will become thicker, which is not suitable for multiple operations. There is no requirement for a person’s physique, and anyone’s parts can be used.

1670395989 Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream: The main chemical components are used to achieve the effect of hair removal. Same as shaving, the operation is fast, but not for a long time, and it is not very good for some people’s skin. It is not recommended to use hair removal cream on the face and genitals. This method is simple to operate, and it is cheap to buy hair removal cream, but it is not recommended to use it multiple times, as it may damage the skin, cause skin allergies, and thicken the hair. Note: Pregnant women are best not to use hair removal cream .

1670396030 Beeswax hair removal

Beeswax hair removal: apply beeswax on the skin, wait for a period of time, tear the beeswax and pull out the hair. This method of operation is very painful, and erythema and swelling are prone to appear on the skin, and it also causes skin damage and folliculitis. These methods are not recommended, although the price is cheap, but harmful to the body.

1670396060 Home Laser Hair Removal

Home Laser Hair Removal: There are some differences between home laser hair removal and hospital laser hair removal. Home use can’t achieve permanent hair removal. For permanent hair removal, it is recommended to go to the hospital. Laser hair removal is not suitable for anyone, especially if you use laser hair removal at home, you don’t know your own skin allergies, the laser hair removal operation is not correct, it may damage the skin, allergies, redness, infectious skin diseases, etc. Home laser hair removal is effective, the equipment quality reference is different, the effect varies greatly, and the users have requirements, it is recommended to go to the hospital for laser hair removal, professional operation. Note: Laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women .

1670396125 Electric epilators

Women’s electric hair remover: It is different from men’s electric razor, but many people think it is the same. The hair remover does not use a sharp blade to shave off body hair, but uses a “clip” to pull out body hair by the roots. The effect can last for about 4 weeks . Different from shaving with a blade, there will be slight pain when using the electric epilator for the first time, and the more times you use it, the less pain it will be, which is mainly related to the quality of the epilator.

Electric epilators cannot achieve permanent hair removal effects. Compared with other hair removal methods, they are safe, do not harm the skin, and have no requirements for the user’s skin. The electric epilator pulls out the hair by the root, and the effect lasts for about 4 weeks, and the re-growth hair will not become thicker. The only disadvantage is that it is used once a month.

The above hair removal methods are the most common. Of course, there are other hair removal methods, but many of them harm the skin to achieve the hair removal effect. The choice is not harmful to the skin and body. It is recommended to use shaving and electric epilator. It is safer to choose electric epilator.


How to reduce pain during hair removal?

It is recommended to purchase a professional electric epilator. In addition to the basic functions of hair removal, it also has functions such as pain relief, vibration, and massage to reduce the pain during the operation. The professional hair remover is equipped with medical-grade 316 stainless steel clip blades to avoid skin allergies and help skin care and maintenance.

Cheap, poor quality epilator, very painful experience. It is recommended to buy a professional electric hair remover, the price and quality are a little more expensive than ordinary ones.

Correct use method and use time of electric hair remover

Hair removal is best done at night , so that the skin can rest and reduce the chance of irritation when the skin sleeps.
It is best to do skin exfoliation before hair removal, and the hair can be removed more thoroughly after drying the skin.

1) When using the epilator, the cutter head should be at 45° or 90° to the skin and advance against the direction of hair growth.
2) Before hair removal, massage arms and legs to make fine hair stand up.
3) After hair removal, you can use some soft lotion to moisturize the skin.

Where on the body can the epilator be used

A good quality epilator can shave and pluck both ways . It is not recommended to use the plucking method on areas with thicker hair such as underarms , bikini, and pubic hair . However , thinner body hair such as arms , legs , face, eyebrows, and lips can be plucked. The plucking method can not only keep new hair for a longer period of time, but also the new body hair will not grow thicker.

Everyone chooses to shave or pluck according to the thickness of the hair.

How to choose a good electric epilator

There are two factors that determine whether the hair removal is thorough: one is whether the product design is scientific, and the other is the quality of the main components, with the emphasis on the blade.
Blades of poor quality ca n’t shave cleanly , hurt the skin, use less frequently, can’t be washed and cleaned poorly, have low safety and quality levels, and cause skin allergies.
Professional hair remover, in addition to scientific and reasonable design, high-quality blades, washable to keep clean, medical-grade blades to avoid skin allergies, can be used multiple times for a long time, etc., do not need to replace the blade frequently.

What to prepare for hair removal

1) Do not use perfume, antiperspirant and sunscreen products on the depilated area within 24 hours after use, and do not sunbathe to avoid melanin precipitation and darken the skin after depilatory .
2) Hair removal is best done at night. Allows the skin to rest and reduce the chance of irritation while sleeping.
3) For hair removal, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection and pay attention to contraindications to avoid infection. Do not take sauna or steam bath after hair removal to avoid infection, and do not swim in the pool or beach.
4) Before hair removal, it is best to do skin exfoliation care, and the hair can be removed more thoroughly after drying the skin.
5) It is strictly forbidden to use when the skin is allergic, suppurated, or damaged.

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