4 Household Hair Removal Methods

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1. Electric epilator 2. IPL hair removal device 3. Depilatory cream 4. Waxing hair removal Epilator: How it works? Unlike the male electric shaver, the epilator does not use a sharp blade to shave off the body hair, but uses a “clip” to pull out the body hair by the roots. The epilator uses several […]

1. Electric epilator
2. IPL hair removal device
3. Depilatory cream
4. Waxing hair removal

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How it works?
Unlike the male electric shaver, the epilator does not use a sharp blade to shave off the body hair, but uses a “clip” to pull out the body hair by the roots. The epilator uses several high-speed rotating pinch wheels to pull out hair as short as half a millimeter by the root.
The effect is lasting and thorough, and the skin can remain smooth and smooth for up to four weeks. As the number of uses increases, the pain caused by the epilator during the epilation process will be reduced. It’s a better choice for people who have sensitive skin.

How to use?
1) When using the epilator, make the cutter head 45° or 90° with the skin and push it against the direction of hair growth.
2) Before depilation, massage the arms and legs to make the hairs stand up.
3) After depilation, you can use some soft lotion to moisturize the skin.

1) There are two factors that determine whether the hair removal is complete: one is whether the product design is scientific, and the other is whether the main components are strong (such as the blade, the poor one not only does not shave cleanly, but also brings additional damage).
2) Battery durability. High-quality epilators can be used several times on a single charge, while poor-quality epilators require two recharges.
3) Whether is waterproof. It’s easier to clean when the blade is waterproof
4) Both shave and pull available. It is not recommended to use plucking on areas with thicker hair such as the armpits. The thinner body hair such as arms and legs can be plucked out. Not only can the method be maintained for a longer period of time without growing new hair, but the new body hair will not get thicker and thicker.

IPL hair removal device

How it works?
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), also known as colored light, composite light, and strong light, is a broad-spectrum visible light with a special wavelength and a softer light-heat effect. The strong pulsed light of IPL photon hair removal is colored light with a wavelength of 475-1200nm that can penetrate the epidermis, be absorbed by the hair follicles in the dermis, generate heat, destroy the hair follicles, and achieve the effect of hair removal.

How to use?
1) Clean the depilated area.
2) Apply shaving gel.
3) Shave the hair and gel clean with a razor
4) Scrub the shaved area clean
5) Use the lamp holder of the epilator to irradiate the area that needs to be depilated one by one

1.The IPL hair removal device cannot be used directly to remove the hair, which will cause the hair to burn. Be sure to use a razor to remove hair on the surface of the skin. It is forbidden to use depilatory cream to remove surface hair, otherwise it will increase the risk of skin irritation or damage.
2.Dark skin has a greater risk of unhealthy hair removal, and improper operation may cause blisters, discoloration or scars.
3.For local or systemic inflammation, immune system deficiency, abnormal blood coagulation; photosensitivity, using aspirin or antioxidants; mentally unhealthy, pregnant women and menstrual women, people with various infectious skin diseases, This method is not suitable for use.

Depilatory cream:

How it works?
Hair removal cream uses the chemicals in it to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal. It is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but have less skin allergies.

How to use?
1) Wash and dry the area to be depilated then squeeze the depilatory cream directly on the skin, spread the depilatory cream evenly (the thickness should be enough to cover the body hair, and do not rub it).
2) Let the depilatory cream stay on the skin for 5 to 8 minutes (do not exceed 12 minutes, be sure to use a clock to time, do not estimate the time yourself). Then use a facial tissue to gently wipe off a small area of the skin. If the body hair easily detaches, it means that the depilatory cream has worked. Continue to wipe off the depilatory cream and hair with the facial tissue.
4) Immediately rinse the depilated area with warm water, dry the water on the skin with a towel, and wipe on the lotion.

1.A patch test must be done before use. During the patch test, be sure to test at multiple locations once to avoid accidents.
2.The skin sensitivity of each part of the body is different. For example, the face (especially the lips) and bikinis (private parts) are very sensitive areas. Therefore, a hair removal cream that is no problem when used on the arm does not necessarily mean that it is no problem when used on other parts.
3.Due to the female menstrual cycle, the endocrine will be in a state of disorder when the menstrual period is approaching. Using hair removal cream at this time may irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Teenagers in particular. Pregnant women should not use hair removal cream.
4.After hair removal, you must moisturize and moisturize, and pay attention to sun protection, otherwise the skin will cause pigmentation after injury.


How it works?
Beeswax has its own stickiness. During hair removal, we can use the stickiness of beeswax to attach to the hair removal area. After waiting for a certain period of time, beeswax can be removed against the direction of hair growth to achieve a good hair removal effect.

How to use?
Spread the beeswax evenly on the skin, tightly adhere to the skin, then cover the gauze, lift the gauze by pulling, and pull out the hair by the roots.

1.Wax hair removal is very painful when it is torn, and once the broken hair ends are stuck in the hair follicles, it may cause folliculitis. So before the first beeswax hair removal, it is best to choose a local area and try it.
2.People who have swelling caused by diabetes, varicose veins, and skin breaks should not perform beeswax hair removal.
3.Do not use beeswax for hair removal while taking/applying A acid
4.Beeswax hair removal is a physical and forced hair removal method that will cause certain damage to the skin.