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HAOHAN is a professional Hair Trimmer manufacturer with 24 years of experience in the OEM/ODM. Our factory houses more than 300 experienced employees and can ensure a monthly output of 300,000 units. Factory Above 100,000 square meters.


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    For OEM/ODM

    Want to customize Hair Trimmer? HAOHAN can help develop your product and make it into a real one! What's more the manufacturing & delivery time is guaranteed with our factory!

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    Brand Owners

    Sourcing Hair Clippers for your brand? We've got a streamlined process for private label Hair Clippers! From logo designing, product packaging to even Amazon FBA prepping, we got you covered!

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    Looking to source hundreds of different types of Hair Trimmer? We offer Baby Hair Clipper, Pet Trimmer, Dog Cat Hair Clipper and so many more! What's better, we offer free samples for quality evaluated!

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    As a specialized Electric Hair Trimmer manufacturer, HAOHAN manufacturing all kinds of Hair Trimmer, including Hair Trimmer sets & Pet Hair Trimmer of all purposes, to private label Hair Clippers brands.
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    1631847138 Electric Hair Trimmer 2 Zhejiang Haohan
    1631847216 Electric Hair Trimmer 3 Zhejiang Haohan
    1631847225 Electric Hair Trimmer 4 Zhejiang Haohan
    1631847235 Electric Hair Trimmer 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    1631847241 Electric Hair Trimmer 6 Zhejiang Haohan
    1631847249 Electric Hair Trimmer 7 Zhejiang Haohan

    Simply write to us or send us your specifications like shape, color, materials, etc. we will cover your back.

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    What we do?


    Established in 1997. Electric Appliance Manufacturer


    Custom Design

    Factory private brand design, custom


    Quality Guarantee

    All Products Passed Rohs, Ce, EMC Certifications.



    We provide best after-service, any problem will be solved successfully and smoothly, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    if you need hair removal appliances and custom, contact us for new quotes.

    A Powerful Manufacturing and Quality Control Team

    Specialized as an Shaving & Hair Removal wholesale and private label packaging vendor, also an OEM Shaving & Hair Removal manufacturer, Haohan is your one-stop small personal-care Shaving & Hair Removal customization solution provider.
    According to the needs of customers, sales determine the LOGO, appearance, technical requirements, functions, packaging methods, payment methods, delivery times, logistics methods, and batches of the products. Categories that can be modified (LOGO, adapter standard, USB, voltage output, body color, packaging method, battery capacity)

    Evaluation department: E-commerce department, R&D department,
    sales department, supply department, production department, general production scheduling

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    1629690945 haohan 21 Zhejiang Haohan
    1629690940 haohan 20 Zhejiang Haohan
    1629689826 haohan 12 Zhejiang Haohan
    Hang on, We Definitely Have More...
    24 Years Experience, Located in Yiwu, the World Capital of Small Commodities. the Company’s Main Products Include Epilators, Hair Trimmers, Nose Hair Trimmers, Skin Grinders and Other Small Household Appliances.
    High-quality pre-sale service: to meet the needs of different customers, pre-sales professional service personnel can quickly solve many problems such as design, technology, large and small orders, delivery time, certification, etc.
    AP 66 Epilator 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Epilator
    HB 26 Epilator 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    eyebrow threading epilator
    fl 702 epilator 4 Zhejiang Haohan
    Epilator Eyebrows
    HP 309 6 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Nose & Ear Trimmer
    HL 6609 7 Zhejiang Haohan
    Pet Hair Clippers
    HL 5 7 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Hair Trimmer
    HM 006 6 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Callus Remover
    HT 858 Men Shaver 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Men Shaver
    HX 5501 Eyebrow Trimmer 1 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Eyebrows Trimmer
    HF 5509 Facial Cleansing Brush 4 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Facial Cleansing Brush
    We're able to manufacture multi-type Electric Hair Trimmer.
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