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Personal Care Shaving & Hair Removal
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Your go-to shaving & hair removal vendor, with everything you need to get your hair removal business off the ground! Haohan is an ideal manufacturer for your electric shaving & hair removal wholesale, OEM/ODM service, cost-effective contract production.

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    24 Years Shaving & Hair Removal Experience Factory In China, Electric Epilator, Hair Clippers, Nose Ear Trimmers, Callus Remover. All Products Passed Rohs, ce, emc Certifications.

    Rohs, CE, CB, Emc


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    A380 Epilator 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Electric Epilator
    HB 26 Epilator 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Eyebrow Threading Epilator
    FL 702 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Lip Hair Removal
    HL 5 7 Zhejiang Haohan
    Hair Clippers
    HL 6609 7 Zhejiang Haohan
    Pet Hair Clippers
    HP 300 7 Zhejiang Haohan
    Nose & Ear Trimmer
    HM 010 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Callous Remover
    HT 858 Men Shaver 5 Zhejiang Haohan
    Men Shaver
    HX 5501 Eyebrow Trimmer 1 Zhejiang Haohan
    Eyebrows Trimmer
    HF 5509 Facial Cleansing Brush 4 Zhejiang Haohan
    Facial Cleansing Brush
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    A Powerful Manufacturing and Quality Control Team

    High-quality pre-sale service: to meet the needs of different customers, pre-sales professional service personnel can quickly solve many problems such as design, technology, large and small orders, delivery time, certification, etc.

    Powerful in-sale services: relying on the company's strong production scale, complete proofing confirmation, mass production on-line, complete orders, inspections, and shipments on time
    Perfect after-sales service: From the guarantee of product quality, the rapid resolution of problems encountered, and the product tracking of the after-sales group, the greatest sincerity to eliminate the after-sales concerns of partners

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